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Step 1. Intention, commitment, dedication and persistence for health caring is the most important step. In Islam health care is considered as a worship. In many other religion also health care is important - Example: Atharva-veda and Ayurveda. In more than 30 Biblical verses health care was emphasized.


Step 2. Time management. Dedicate at least 45 minutes per day for your health. So out of 24 hours, even we don't do that we are not going to save this time more effectively than this!


Step 3. Periodic check ups and monitoring. Periodic checkup of basic lab tests will keep us to alert against illness. It will help us to build confidence, self esteem, and timely attending any possible issues.


Step 4. We follow, knowingly or unknowingly, our taste. Once we follow our taste and ignore the need of the body and nature of body, we may end up in toxic accumulation.

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