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In the Name Allah, ArRahmaan and ArRaheem


All Praise are due to Allah and May Allah send Blessing on His Last Prophet and Rasool, Muhammad.

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OUR MISSION: Our mission is to help the humanity to find solutions with 'KNOWLEDGE' for their problems / adversity / obstacles in life. "Knowledge is the real solution for any problems or adversity". Problems, adversity and obstacles are / due to disorders in life. So placing back order in life is the only real and ultimate solutions. With every adversity or problems there is a solution and ease (Holy Quran 94:5-6) But finding that solution need to know what is the disorder in life.  Every disease has a cure with it; those who know the illness and its reason knows the cure; those who don't know the illness and its reason don't know the cure". (Prophetic Narration)

OUR BELIEF: We are Muslims (Sunni), following Quran and purified Sunnah as per the understanding of the first three generation of Islam(Salafu sSalih) as taught by Imam Ahmed(H.241), Imam Barbahary(H.329), Ibn Qudamah(H.620), Sh. Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah(H.728), students Ibnul Qayyim(H.751), Ibn Muflih al-Hambaly(H.763), Ibn Rajab (H.795), Imam Muhammed Bin Abdul Wahab(H.1206), his off springs and students, Abdu Naser as-Saeedi(H.1376), Sh.Ibn Baaz(H.1420), Sh.Ibn Uthaimeen(H.1421), Sh. Jibreen(H.1430), Scholars Association of Saudi Arabia, Sh. Fawzaan etc.

We follow the Exigencies of Quran from Imam Tabari (H.310), Imam Baqawi (H.510), Imam Qurtubi (H.671), Imam Ibn Katheer (H.774), Imam Naser asSaeedi (H.1376) etc.

Regarding other scholars of sunnah, we will use those recommended by the above scholars – (for safety reasons) E.g.. 40 Hadeethese of Imam Nawawi, aqeedatu Tahaviyyah of Imam Tawahi.

We do not follow: Khawariji, Murjie, Shia, Soophy, Jahmies, Daahiries, Muatazilae, hisbu tahreer, Islahiyyah of Egypt, Ikhwaniyyah, Albaniyyah and its off-shoots etc.

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This website owned and maintained by:

Hifzul Rahman Kottangodan, PhD, CHLC, CPI


  • Healthy Jama'a Scholar (INDIA)

  • Masters Degree and Doctorate in Parapsychology (USA)

  • Masters Degree and Doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching (USA)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling (INDIA)

  • Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI) (USA &  INDIA)

  • Certification in "Islamic Healing" (UK)

  • Certification in Islamic Psychology and Counselling (UK)

  • Certification in "Metaphysical Parenting"

  • Certification in "Finding and Keeping Happiness in Life"

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