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Areas of our Holistic Life Coaching Or Life Leadership Coaching

Don’t live under the shadows of past failures!

It’s not too late, you can change your life; you can get back your power; you can have a happy life. You can lead your life towards the meaning and purpose of Life!


Specialty of our coaching:

  • Transpersonal – addressing the spiritual person.

  • Complete remolding / rewrapping / rewiring of the individuals.

  • Spirituality based on the Basic Human Core Values hence devoid of religious or cultural polemics.

  • Reframing the personality to an assertive personality.

  • The whole family members can attend the coaching class and benefit.

  • Timely assessment tests to make sure that you have studies the critical points of the course.

  • Suggested and recommended reading and hand outs.

  • Supportive video and supplementary speeches.


The details of our coaching are below.

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to help the people to find solutions through ‘KNOWLEDGE’ for their problems / adversity / obstacles in life. Knowledge is the real solution for any problems or adversity in life. Problems, adversity and obstacles are due to disorders in life. In another words, there are something out of balance!  So rightly placing back the order in life / balancing is the only real and ultimate solutions.

Along with every adversity or problems there are solution and ease; such solutions and ease exists so long as the problems exist. But finding that solution need to know first what is the disorder in life and its reasons.  Likewise, every disease has a cure with it; those who know the illness and its reason know the cure; those who don't know the illness and its reason don't know the cure.


So knowledge of, defining the problems and obstacles, finding its reasons etc. are the first step to the solution.


Our services:

Holistic Healing: Because of the problem, adversity sufferings for years one’s may be having lots of psychological or pathological problems especially that are powered by black magic and trance possessions, negative energy transference from others etc. In such cases, we do Spiritual Healing through Islamic Psychology, Parapsychology, Spiritual Healing in Prophetic Medicine, Ruqyah, Guidance and Counselling etc. In most cases, such problems and adversities affected the thoughts, memories, feelings, attitude, character and even one’s personality might have been corrupted! Then there comes the need for Life Leadership Coaching – a Transpersonal Coaching.  “Transpersonal” means “beyond the person” or “beyond the mask,” and transpersonal coaching primarily sees a person as a ‘spiritual being or spiritual person having a physical experience’. Therefore, the objective of Life Leadership Coaching is to restore order to one’s life in many areas of life by helping him or her to take their ‘power back’ with a view to achieving Self-completeness.


Life Leadership Coaching, being transpersonal, recognizes spirituality and is therefore based on fundamentals of Basic Human Core Values; Do Right Only; Do not harm, Empower with  Knowledge etc., coaching can come about naturally as a Spiritual Healing when the elements of the Life Leadership Coaching come into balance.


Coverage and specialty of our coaching:


  • Our coaching is a complete rewrapping/ rewiring of a persons’ spiritual, thoughts, emotional and physical domain and helping the people to take back ‘their power’.

  • Since Almighty God created the whole universe with an order, man being a component in that, man has to be in order, synchronized and properly aligned with the inner and outer dimensions of the soul across the time and space dimensions!

  • Our coaching is addressing the soul, awareness and consciousness of man – hence in a metaphysical membrane! Life/consciousness/intelligence/awareness - and it’s all components. [Sensory and perception, Intellectual (aql/ego) spiritual (qalb/super-ego) and emotional (nafs/Id) mind – Two memory sections like sub-conscious (hifd) and unconscious memory (dikr)]

  • Anatomy of spiritual mind and its working – Commanding mind (nafsul ammara), Reproaching mind (nafsul Lawwama), tranquil mind (nafsul Mutmaennah), Peaceful mind (qalbin Saleem). Components of intellectual mind like learning, understanding, believing, and creative skills etc. Components of memory like creative memory (lubb), spiritual memory (qalb), emotional memory (fuad) and general (sadr).

  • Stages and steps of personality formation – feeling, attitude, emotion, character, behavior and personality.

  • The roll of the master of mind – intellectual mind and critical thinking.

  • Nature of human nature – factors that influence one’s nurturing of nurture.

  • Futility verse Meaning and Purpose of life.

  • Basic Human Cove values and its spiritual support for mental health.

  • Self-acceptance - Self-esteem, self-validation, Self-responsibility – responsibility for past, present and future.

  • Who own us! Principles of empowered relationship, re-inventing healthy relationship boundaries.

  • Solving marital and other relationship problems.

  • Metaphysical parenting and Pre-marital counselling and guidance.

  • Adversity and problem solving. Adversities and empowerments. How to define a problem and solve it. How changing your mind will change your world.

  • Time and resource management, setting priorities.

  • Exploring the horizon of Free-Will.

  • Physical health caring, restructuring food plan and body workouts.

  • Finding and keeping happiness in life.

  • Self-completeness and Life Leadership.

  • Connecting the dots.

  • Delivering Greatness to World, Passing it over – the Meaning and Purpose of Life!

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Holistic Life Coaching OR Life Leadership Coaching

by Hifzul Rahman Kottangodan PhD, CHLC, CPI 

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